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We are mall kiosk manufacturers from Guanddong ,China, and have more than 15 years experience in custom made kiosk showcases industry.This is a complete set of jewelry kiosk display furniture by LianYi.We can custom jewelry kiosk, watch kiosk, mall kiosk with different size, like 3x3, 2x4, 3x5 ... Find the best mall kiosk solution for your mall shop. We also offer personalized customization.

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Product Description

This jewelry kiosk has been made and the finished products are displayed in our factory. The jewellery kiosk showcases were mainly wooden and glass, the wooden was MDF with black baking paint finish.Stainless steel technology, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, mirror stainless steel dazzling bright, can make it beautiful in the day, bright at night for you store. The corner showcases using curved pedestal display case. 

The jewellery display shelf with the 2 layers and 4 drawers, using 9 cm UV plate as substrate, 5 cm mirror glass on the surface, making aluminum alloy profile diagonal splicing, ultra clear and ultra white tempered glass, anti oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy profile, wire drawing effect and electrophoretic fingerprint prevention technology.

jewelry display shelf.jpg

kiosk at the mall

jewelry display cabinet.jpg

	jewelry display case for sale.jpg

jewelry showcase design.jpg

jewelry showcase ideas.jpg

jewelry store design.jpg


We can make any requirements in design, pattern, color and size;

We can make customer's logo on the surface of the jewelry kiosk display;

The dimention tolerance of our products is controled within 0.03mm;

Our products are high quality, environmental friendly, beautiful and practical;

Our products are exported to America, Australia, India, Middle East, Europe, etc., and conforms to the standard test.

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